Package content and Prerequisites

  • Annuncicom PS Touch
  • XLR Gooseneck microphone

(warning) Safety Precautions: Please make sure to first read the safety information in order to avoid hazards.

Version Note

The Annuncicom PS Touch can be ordered with IC-Paging or SimplePaging Firmware loaded!

The Firmware cannot be changed after ordering! If you want your PS Touch to run a different firmware, you have to ship it back to the Barix Headquarters!

Setup the Device

The Annuncicom PS Touch can only be powered over PoE, therefore you need to connect it to a PoE Switch!

After some time the Device will announce it's IP Address over the Loudspeaker. When entering the IP-Address into your Browser you will reach the Web Interface of the device, from where you can do the configuration! More Information about Sonic IP can be found here.

Device Configuration and User Manuals:

Further configuration can be done over the Web Interface of the PS Touch. Check the documentation for the firmware running on your PS Touch:

Factory Reset

Resetting the device can only be done over the Web Interface on the "Factory Defaults" Tab!

If you have problems to reach the Web Interface of the device, download the Barix Discovery Tool, which allows you to change the IP-Configuration of the Device remotly.


To update the PS Touch to the latest version, you need to download the latest PS Touch Firmware! Be Aware that you need to have the specific Firmware file for The PS Touch. the normal firmware that runs on a PS1 or PS16 will not support the Touch Display!

Download the latest firmware version from the Barix Website!


You cannot switch your PS Touch between IC-Paging and Simple Paging! If you need to change the Firmware type, you will need to send the Unit to the Barix Headquarters.