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Webpage is not displayed

There are a couple of reasons why a webpage cannot be displayed.
As first make sure the IP address is really from the Barix device, optimally
use the Barix Discovery tool on a PC in the same local Network as the Barix device.

When the Barix Discovery tool finds the device, then you see also the real IP address of the Barix device.

Other reasons could be:

  • Different port number for the Webserver
    The port number of the webserver could be changed on the Barix device.
    In such case the device will refuse the connection request with the browser and you should get an error message. If you don´t know the port number to connect, then you only can reset the device back to default settings by holding the reset button pressed for 12 seconds

  • Content-Length:0 error message
    That´s a known problem with the Sophos Antivirus software on Windows PC.
    In this case please disable the temporary the Sophos Antivirus software, thereafter you can access the homepage of the Barix device.

  • only strange characters displayed
    Probably is the webpage corrupt, because of transmission error or memory failure.
    Please download and upload the firmware again to the Barix device. To get access to the Bootloader please use the following procedure:

  • After Updating ABCL firmware I get Error 404
    When updating from one ABCL firmware to another ABCL firmware type (e.g. from IP-Intercom to SIP Client) then it does not reset the settings and will not find the new application.
    Please reset the device back to default settings !
    That can be done via web button or via 12 second press on the hardware reset button.

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