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How to enter the bootloader mode when "Update" button is not available ?

When the firmware on a Barix legacy audio device is corrupt then it could happen that the homepage of the device is not reachable anymore
and the firmware has to uploaded again. But how to do that when the "Update" button is not available again ?

There are multiple ways to solve the problem, best way would be the serial firmware update, but not all have a serial cable available.

As second option you can trigger the Bootloader manually. The Bootloader is a separate partition on the Barix device with
a separate webpage (update.html) which allows to upload a new firmware.
For that you should execute the following steps :

  • power OFF the device
  • press hardware reset button and keep it pressed
  • power ON the device and release the reset button 3 seconds after power ON
  • open now the browser and browse the IP address of the device, you should get the update page 
    which allows you to update the compound.bin firmware file again.
    Make sure after clicking the "upload" button you wait until the firmware is completely loaded and the ".... successfully loaded" message is displayed.

Alternatively to this manually triggering of the Bootloader mode you can also try to trigger it via CGI command.
Even the homepage is not available it could be the CGI command interface is still working.
The command to start the Barix device in Bootloader mode is /rc.cgi?c=100  .
So you could try in your browser the following URL :


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