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What will happen if I delete (or rename) a Playlist from my Content Server(*)?

a) If the deleted Playlist was used as a normal scheduled Playlist:

- The Playlist will be removed from the Portal database.
- The Playlist will be removed from all the Schedules that were using it.
- All devices with deployed Schedules that contained the deleted Playlist will delete the Playlist as well as the Tracks that belonged to it.
- The Schedules themselves and related Scheduled Deployments will not be deleted.

b) If the deleted Playlist was used as a failover Playlist:

- The Playlist will be removed from the Portal database.
- All Schedules that were using the deleted Playlist as a failover Playlist will be deleted!
- All Schedule Deployments related to the deleted Schedules will be deleted!
- All Devices with deleted Schedule Deployments will not have a Schedule anymore and will go silent!

Please take in consideration the information above when creating new Schedules and when editing or deleting Playlists on your Content Server in order to avoid problems in the future.

We will consider introducing a security mechanism to avoid deleting Playlists that are being used as Failover Playlists. However we need to consider the implications because this would also mean that the Portal would not allow the users to edit any Playlist that is used as Failover Playlist which is not a desirable side effect.

(*) Deleting a Playlist from a Content Server is equivalent to deleting the Content Server altogether with all the Playlists it contained.

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