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What to do with VSC support in the Streaming Client?


The Streaming Client version >=2.07 fully supports VSC (version 2.06 supported VSC without the IR receiver)

Hardware configuration

To make the VSC panel work with the Streaming Client, set the rotary switch on the back of the device to position "1".

Connect the VSC panel to the Exstreamer's RS232 port using a straight RJ45 cable and the RS232 to RS485 converter.

NOTE: the VSC requires 12V, so make sure the attached device (Exstreamer, Annuncicom) has proper Power Supply.

Software configuration

Enable the VSC support in the Streaming Client:

  • open the WEB UI of the device in your browser
  • scroll down to "Serial Settings"
  • change "Use Serial For" to "VSC Panel"
  • if you also want to use the infrared receiver built into the VSC panel select "IR input" to "Serial dongle" in the Advanced settings section (otherwise the built-in receiver e.g. on the EX110 is used)
  • press Apply

How to use


During buffering or playback the display shows the 2-digit current channel number (the last of the three digits). If the unit is stopped the symbol "--" is displayed. If the unit is rebooting or starting up, the symbol "Er" may appear (means that the VSC panel is not receiving any data from the Exstreamer)

Rotary knob

Turn the knob (without pressing it) to increase/decrease the volume:

  • the volume in per-cent will be temporarily shown
  • the symbol "99" stands for 100% volume

Press the knob once (and release) to switch to channel selection:

  • the symbol "ch" will be displayed temporarily, followed by the current channel number
  • turn the knob to select the desired channel
  • after 3 seconds of inactivity the selected channel will be played
  • alternatively you can press the knob again to confirm the selection
  • with VSC only the channels 000 to 099 can be selected

IR receiver

The IR receiver built into the VSC panel can be used with the Barix Remote Control.

NOTE, unfortunately we had to discontinue the Barix VSC. So it is not possible to buy the Barix VSC from us anymore.

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