This is the successor of the discontinued Instreamer100. It converts audio from an analog audio source, including tuners and CD players, into high-quality MPEG1 and MPEG2 streams (stereo mode), G.711 (mono mode) and PCM as well (stereo mode) and supports VBR (variable bit rate), ABR (average bit rate) and CBR (constant bit rate). The audio is encoded in real-time, and the generated audio stream can be distributed, via an IP-based network or the Internet, to one or more receivers or Shoutcast/Icecast-servers. G.722 streaming is also in preparation for the Instreamer.

Barix Instreamer can be easily managed via a web browser interface using PCs, web pads, PDAs or other web-enabled devices. With serial and Ethernet control APIs, open IP-standards, and the MP3 format, the device can also be integrated with other components.

Connecting the Barix Instreamer to audio equipment is made simple by offering stereo RCA analog inputs.