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Stream To Considerations

The choice of settings to distribute the stream to other devices depends on your environment and desired functionality.

If the stream should be reliably received by just a few devices (up to 8-6) “raw TCP” can be used since lost packets are retransmitted automatically. If you encounter too many audio blanks (hiccups) then we recommend using RTP since lost packets are replaced by the “Streaming client” firmware in the receiving “Exstreamer” device. This type is to be favored when the stream has to pass a number of routers (WAN or Internet) as RTP is resilient to packet delays.

If the stream is intended to be received by many devices we recommend to use UDP broadcast as long as all devices are on the LAN as broadcast is not be able to pass over a WAN.

If your receivers (32) are behind routers using NAT (network address translation) we recommend to use BRTP which can use port 80 and no change to the router is required. Only the router on the “Instreamer” side has to have an open port 80 forwarding requests to the “Instreamer”.

If your network infrastructure is capable of multicasting use multicast (instead of multiple unicasts) to reduce the traffic generated.

A mix of all the above is possible as each of the 8 destinations allow the individual choice of the connection type (except for the types “BRTP” and “SIP” which are only available with the first entry).

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