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How many destinations can I stream to ?

The Instreamer can stream up to 8 direct destinations (in "Internet Radio Mode" just 6). Each one can be directed to a device, or a multi- or broadcast address (destination connection types) or be set up as a listener waiting for a connection to be initiated by the other side (listener connection types). Each entry has its own IP address and Port. See Stream To Considerations on how to set the “Stream to” entries. In a specific configuration it can stream to 32 destinations.

  • Which is that specific configuration ?

BRTP This is a "pulling" RTP method defined by Barix, where the destination (Exstreamer) sends a request to the Instreamer and the Instreamer then sends the RTP stream. Big advantage: the Exstreamers can be using a DHCP address and they even can be behind NAT. Only the Instreamer needs a static IP address. Using this approach, up to 32 streams (max 128kbps each) can origin from a single Instreamer.

  • But I need more than 32 destinations, how can I do ?

There are ways to address this, depending upon your situation and requirements: For example, FM Stereo quality requires 128kbps of bandwidth so, for 100 destinations it will demand quite some bandwidth!

    • If you do not have such capacity / don't want the headache of providing it and managing it, there are specialist firms such as Streamguys ( who can help - you send them the feed, they rebroadcast it.
    • If you have the capacity, you can set up a shoutcast server and stream yourselves.
    • A third option is our 'Replicator' software - We have written a software for the Barionet, which can receive an RTP stream and send it to up to 100 destinations (at 80kbps) with very low latency. The application can be managed/configured via web browser or it can pull a text file with the destinations from a server. It is modular, so you can use one Barionet every 100 destinations.
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