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The Barix Paging Station PS16 is a universal,TCP/IP connected intercom station for use in IP Intercom, Paging and VoIP applications. The PS16 directly connects to the network via a 10/100Mbps network connection, and can also be powered over the network interface (PoE, 802.3af standard). For high availability applications, a second network connection and separate power input are available.

Due to the built-in intelligence and full progammability, the station can be used as a master station for IP based intercom and paging systems, which can be built without any central servers or PCs.

The PS16 is equipped with a two-line LC display, 16 individually labelable keys with LED indicator, a professional gooseneck microphone, a speaker and a buzzer.A realtime clock (with backup battery) and flash memory for stored messages and announcements is built into the device as well. The PS16 can be extended to up to 112 keys using available key extension modules which can be attached mechanically and electrically secure.

For special applications, the PS16 can be fully programmed using the Barix ABCL language. Standard applications for use as a stored message playback device, as a Master intercom/paging station and as a SIP capable phone / intercom station are preloaded (and free of charge). Central PA/Intercom software is available from Barix free of charge, along with protocol and API documentation, enabling easy integration into proprietary solutions.


NOTE : The Barix PS16 is an OEM product designed and manufactured by MS Neumann Elektronik ( using the Barix IPAM 102 (IPAM 100 until end of 2012). The Barix PS16 is not compatible with the Neumann DS-6 system and will not function with Neumann's industrial intercom applications.

Barix fully supports and warrants the PS16 as if it would be a Barix product manufactured by Barix itself. (PDF)

More information available in our website:

How to revert to factory defaults? : Follow this howto

How do I build an intercom system with PS16 ? : Follow this howto

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