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How to use SoundScape IT Network?

Before connecting the devices to the retailer's network, it would be better to check the next list:

  • Share with the administrator of the network the MAC of the SoundScape devices that you are planning to install.
  • Ask for a Static IP (one for each device). Also ask for the network settings: Netmask, Gateway and Primary DNS. Apply the setting on your SoundScape devices.
  • To connect the devices to the network you will need to plug a standard network cable into the network port of the Exstreamer (RJ45 Ethernet socket)

It is also important to open the following ports for outgoing traffic of each Static IP/MAC:

  • HTTP, port 80, to allow the device contacting the Soundscape portal for normal operations and download. The audio tracks are encrypted.
  • HTTPS, port 443, to allow the device contacting the Soundscape portal for special information.
  • NTP, port 123, as the device needs to be able to reach an NTP server. The network needs to allow traffic through port 123 which is the port used by the NTP service that can sync the time from a reference NTP server in the network.
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