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How does the stream switching in the Streaming Client work?

The Streaming Client can be configured up to three sources. Normally only one would be set but for a fail-safe streaming two backups (URL2 and URL3) are available.

If a stream fails the backup immediately kicks in (first the URL2 and then URL3). While playing a backup, the main stream (and the primary backup if playing the secondary backup) is monitored on the background in regular intervals.

Stream Check Period

The above mentioned monitoring interval is called Stream Check Period.

To reduce unnecessary load of the network (and potentially also the server) caused by the stream monitoring, the Stream Check Period is a configurable parameter. Of course a longer interval means also a longer response time if the server comes up.

Quite often the server comes up after a short moment (within tens of seconds). If the stream is not available for a longer time the check period is automatically advanced up to the Max Check Period to reduce the network load further.

What should I set the Stream Check Period to?

Normally the defaults (Stream Check Period 10 seconds and Max Check Period 3 minutes) should work fine. Take them as a starting point.

In fact, the Max Check Period defines the maximum reaction time after the stream becomes available. If you experience that the unit reacts too slowly on the stream coming back, reduce the Max Check Period.

On the other hand the Stream Check Period defines the minimum reaction time. If the network or server load is too high increase the Stream Check Period.

What if I use a USB backup?

If your backup stream is a local USB with files the Max Check Period should not be shorter than a half of an average song duration.

IMPORTANT: If the main stream becomes available while the USB is playing the current song is finished before switching to the main stream (no matter what the Check Period is set to). This is to avoid interruptions in the middle of a song.

How to configure Barimon?

Barimon is a monitoring service provided by MOH Technology, [1]
To use the service to monitor your device(s):
- first set up an account/project at Barimon and register your devices to it. (Note: do NOT set a project key)
- next, tell your Barix device to send data to Barimon; this is done in the Advanced Settings/Remote Management section of the Streaming Client configuration.
=> set the Barimon URL to
=> set the reporting frequency you require.
Apply your changes.
That's it!

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