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How does the Barix system work?

Companies or organisations need to generate a random key, to be used to encrypt and decrypt the files; a method is suggested in the download software given by Barix, or sites such as GRC[1] can be used.

The Barix system for encryption and playback of files using Streaming Client firmware consists of two parts:

Encrypted Firmware package

This is a special "encrypted" Streaming Client firmware that has to be loaded into the Exstreamer device using the standard procedure for FW update.

Encryption Tool package

This server based tool kit contains:

  • key generator
  • encryption/decryption tool
  • key loader (to load the encryption key on the device)

The encryption key generated on a server has to be loaded locally on the Barix unit via serial interrface. Detailed instructions are given within the software package you receive from Barix. For large quantities (batch of >500 units) this can also be done in production on specific agreement.

On the server, the files are encrypted using the same secret key, then stored onto a USB drive. The USB with the encrypted files are sent to the remote location (shop, hotel, bar...), where staff plug it in to the Exstreamers loaded with the special FW and the same key. The same encryption key can be used on several devices and USB in multiple locations or a key per location can be used.

Encrypted files cannot be played on a standard player, nor on an Exstreamer if it does not have the correct firmware and the matching password that the files were encrypted with.

Note: Although the Barix system and the algorithms implemented for protecting the audio content use industry standard strong encryption, like all DRM systems it can be broken, and Barix does not assume any liability for theft of data or consequential damages.

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