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How do I set the Instreamer to feed streaming audio to a stream hosting company ?

In the streaming tab, scroll down to the middle of the page where there are eight 'stream to' boxes. In one of them select Shoutcast. In the boxes beside the Shoutcast, put in the IP address the stream hosting company resolves to. In the port box put the listen port number you use. Go to the bottom of the page and click apply.

Now, go to the security tab. There's a line to put a password that says Ice/Shoutcast. Put the password that the stream hosting company gave you here. Go to the bottom of the page and click apply.

Finally, you have to set your audio quality. In the audio tab select MP3 44.1 kbps and start out with a quality level of 2. Also select mono or stereo (mono will require less bandwidth than stereo). Check with the stream hosting company to make sure that you are at the bandwidth setting you bought with them but not over. If you are low, set the quality level to 3, if high, set the quality level to 1.

For more details check following howto:

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