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Does the new Streaming Client version support the automatic Remote Firmware?

The new Streaming Client firmware version 3.x does not support the automatic Remote Firmware Update function on devices with 1MB Flash memory. On those device the automatic Remote Firmware Update will cause the device to stuck in the procedure. Device would need to be forced in Bootloader mode and Firmware loaded manually.

Therefore if you are using this function and you are not sure if your devices in the field have 1MB Flash memory (year 2008 or older), it is recommended to use the TRANSITION firmware version 2.30 as intermediate step. This version will disable the automatic Remote Firmware Update function.

The Memory Size can be checked on the WEB UI in Update TAB and going into Bootloader mode


Update Barix Bootloader V99.19 Nov 4 2010 Flash Pages: 31

31 pages correspond to 2MB, while 15 pages to 1MB

NOTE: any device can always be loaded with the new firmware version using the WEB update procedure.

Please refer to "Streaming Client Technical Documentation" Chapter 7 - Remote Configuration and Update interface for more information.

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