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Can I configure the SIP Opus to automatically connect on startup

An automatic call feature is available on the SIP Opus firmware since firmware version 1.3.4!
But there are several different options to initiate a call:

By a Hardware Button

On the MA400 SIP Opus only, there is the possibility to connect a button and trigger a call on the digital input. On the M400 SIP Opus, there are no digital inputs and therefore no possibility to initiate the call over a button.

By Web Interface

The most simple way of initiating a SIP connection is to enter the Web Interface, enter the extension/number and click on the call button. This works on all versions of the SIP Opus product.

By CGI Script

You can also initiate a call by entering a specific URL into your browser to start a CGI script. For Example, to call the extension nr. 333 on the server you need to enter the following url: http://<device-address>/cgi-bin/sip.cgi? This works on all versions on the SIP Opus product! This is described in detail in the user manual at point 5.1

Over an SNMP control system

Another option is to use SNMP to monitor and set the call state. to set the call state you can use the command snmpset like the following: snmpset -v 2c c private <device-address> . i 1       This works on all versions on the SIP Opus product!

More Information about SIP Opus versions can be found here:

More information can also be found in the user manual:

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