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Release Notes

Device Firmware

v1.9.6 Changelog

Release date: 29.04.2021

  • new feature - configurable frame buffer (delay)
  • new feature - indicator in app when max number of clients is reached
  • bug fix - Logo not shown correctly in app
  • improved online help

v1.9.5 Changelog

Release date: 26.03.2020

  • Changes on licence process
  • Firmware optimizations

v1.9.4 Changelog

Release date: 26.09.2019

  • Added WebUI Validations
  • Changed some default values
  • Changes on the reset process 
  • new versioning (1.08 -> 1.9.4)

v1.08 Changelog

Release date: 30.04.2019

  • Colon (":") character is missing from received URL string
  • Removed schematic image from WebUI

v1.06 Changelog

Release date: 18.03.2019

  • Production release is created using the latest production improvements. 
  • Fixed error when changing WebUI password and providing a wrong old password.

v1.05 Changelog

Release date: 14.02.2019

  • fixed problems with the logo-url - changes on the licensing process

Android App

v1.0.9 Changelog

Release date: 27.02.2020

  • Fixes in playback when the app goes to background or display is locked

  • Fixed stream quality issue when switching between channels

  • Added support for x86 & x86_64 platforms.

v1.0.8 Changelog

Release date: 04.11.2019

  • Added Information Tab
  • Fixed QR-Code scanning bugs
  • Fixed channel-logo
  • Changes on the Font
  • App Logo updated
  • Added support on x64 based platforms
  • Updated to Android SDK 29

iOS App

v2.1.0 Changelog

Release data Sept. 2022

  • new feature - Real time statistics implemented
  • bug fix - audio clicks fixed
  • bug fix - silent playback noise fixed
  • bug fix - application volume control fixed
  • bug fix - mute/unmute buttons behavior fixed
  • bug fix - channel logo size adjusted

v1.0.1 Changelog

Release date: 11.05.2020

  • Bugfix preventing the app from going into dark mode and messes up the UI

v1.0 Changelog

Release date: 08.05.2020

  • First release of new AudioPoint App

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