Congratulation for buying the Exstreamer M400. We hope you find a quick start with this product and if a question remains, write us at

(warning) Safety Precautions: Please make sure to first read the safety information in order to avoid hazards.

Package content

  • M400 device
  • Power supply
  • RCA stereo cable

Standard Configuration with Syn-Apps Revolution

  1. Connect the Exstreamer M400 to your switch (internet router) using a standard ethernet cable.
  2. Power the device with the included adapter. Wait some seconds until the device starts.
  3. The Syn-Apps Revolution system detects the device automatically and can be configured there.

Network Configuration on the device interface

The device can be configured over the local web ui to set a static IP. Default mode is DHCP.

  1. Plug 3.5mm headphones into the mini jack and be prepared to write down an IP address.
  2. Connect the IPformer to your PoE network (or reboot if already running). Wait some seconds until the device starts. 
  3. The IP will be announced as audio (Sonic IP).
  4. Open your browser and enter the IP address you have written down. The configuration interface opens.
    User: admin
    Password: Find it at the bottom of your device (white sticker which says "PW").
  5. Go to "Network" and change the network configuration to your needs.