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RetailPlayer Portal V4.2.0

Change Log

New Features

  • Proof of Play (part of the RetailHero subscription):

    • Available for each device is now a report with timestamp of what titles the player played (the stream / files played must offer playback metadata so the player can extract them and report them to the Portal).

    • Up to 180 days for each device is stored on the Portal

    • The report can be exported in a CSV file

    • The report is available also at the ORG level containing the data for all devices of the selected ORG and its SUB-ORGs.

  • Added cross fade configuration in the device’s setting page

  • New RESET TO DEFAULTS function added in DEVICE → UTILITIES → TOOLS - this allows a reset to defaults of the device remotely (it doesn’t reset the network settings to avoid breaking connections in cases where the device is using a static IP configuration)

  • New pop-up informative dialogue with useful information for users

Changes / Improvements

  • When a device running a volume / channel scheduler offline reconnects to the Portal, the Portal doesn’t set the old channel / volume to prevent a wrong setting to be applied.

  • Dropped support for devices running a FW version older than 6.0

  • Improved the volume scheduler when scheduling values at 0%

  • Improved overall visualization of Store and Play channels in the status tab

  • Improved device registration wizard


  • FIXED: Mute button in control page not working well in some rare cases

  • FIXED: Registration date on device status page not showing correct data

  • FIXED: removing a SUB ORG is not working correctly

  • FIXED: When registering devices in bulk the FW version field is set to blank

Known Limitations



Recipient / Environment

Software Package / Version

Made available in production portal.

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