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RetailPlayer Portal V4.0.0

Change Log

New Features

  • RetailPlayer Portal architecture has been re-organized to support the growth of number of devices connecting to it

  • Added the possibility to register devices in bulk using a csv file. This makes bulk registration much faster

  • New registration wizard to allow the possibility to set: organization, timezone, sonic IP, web config, play from USB, channel, channel list, volume on a device (or bulk of devices) when those are registered in the Portal

  • Allow users to REBOOT device and FETCH logs from TOOLS page for each device

Changes / Improvements

  • Arrange ORG drop down in alphabetical order


  • FIXED: Asset schedule wrong repeat count in some conditions

  • FIXED: Channel Scheduler: Copy To... -> Select All flag doesn't work

  • FIXED: Channel Scheduler: Copy To... -> Device Listed widget shows the wrong number of devices actually part of the org

  • FIXED: Portal allows to order 0 devices for RetailHero

Known Limitations



Recipient / Environment

Software Package / Version

Made available in production portal.

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