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RetailPlayer Portal V3.6.0

Change Log

New Features

  • Store & Play Channel Configuration:

    • Re-worked the channel creation space to allow the possibility to create channels of different types: Stream and Store & Play

    • Added the possibility to create Store & Play channel types:

      • URL field (support for http(s) or ftp)

      • Shuffle playback: enable/disable to (de)activate shuffle playback for the playlist in object

      • Update Interval: specify how often the player has to connect with the server to check for modification and update content accordingly

      • Authentication: for server requesting authentication enable this option and enter the credentials

    • Check for Store & Play status in the status page of the device context

    • Exposed in the status report the device storage capability: used, available, total

    • Differentiate the Store & Play channels and Streaming channels with useful icons in the remote control page

  • Copy To.. function added for: Opening Hours, Channel and Volume Scheduler - This feature allows an easy copy of the scheduler to other devices part of the same organization (note: channel scheduler can be copied only on other devices assigned to the same Channel List)

Changes / Improvements

  • (re) Added possibility to remove organizations from the Portal

  • Added warning when Bundles are removed showing the dependencies

  • Dashboard video embedded in a modal that can be dismissed for 15 days

  • Channel scheduler and Opening hours scheduler enlarged to enhance the user experience

  • Removed all old firmware below V6.3 from the firmware drop-down in the settings page, devices that were running one of those firmware will get a blank field, but the device will remain on the running firmware until the field is changed

  • Added last login information in the user table

  • Allow the possibility to create up to 20 components into 1 single asset scheduler


Known Limitations

  • Store & Play currently doesn’t support SFTP or FTPS.



Recipient / Environment

Software Package / Version


Made available in production portal.

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