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RetailPlayer Portal V3.5.0

Change Log

New Features

  • RetailHero officially started. From February 1st 2022 all devices that requires access to Asset Organizer’s functions must subscribe to the plan. More info available here

  • Added “Scheduling” page link in the Automation → Asset scheduler in the device context to ease the creation of schedules when there are no created yet

Changes / Improvements

  • Added OSS Acknowledgements in the Portal Dashboard

  • Removed Basic Scheduling functionality leaving only one Scheduling feature (advanced) in place

  • RetailHero:

    • Added Company City and Company St.N as separate fields when ordering a plan


  • FIXED: Remove a user and add it again in the same ORG

  • FIXED: Force password change does clear flag

Known Limitations

  • It is not possible to remove an ORG from the Portal 



Recipient / Environment

Software Package / Version


Made available in production portal.

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