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RetailPlayer Portal V3.4.0

Change Log

New Features

  • Advanced Scheduling:

    • Creation and management of asset bundles: group of assets following a specific sequence of playback

    • New scheduling method including 3 main types: single day, weekly, monthly

    • Enable repetition of playback of single assets or bundles

    • Enable playback with date restrictions

    • Possibility to create multiple components part of the same scheduler with the function to enable/disable them independently

    • Possibility to schedule assets using calendar dates

    • Possibility to duplicate entire schedulers

    • Possibility to duplicate individual components

  • Volume scheduler added in the device context: it is now possible to send a dedicated volume weekly scheduler to a device  

  • Organization Settings page added

  • RetailHero Plan

    • List organization devices Plan status

    • Order RetailHero Plan

    • Log and manage the order requests

  • Added STOP button for Cues 

  • Enable / Disable single assets used by schedule on each device

  • Contextual Help added in every page of the Portal 

Changes / Improvements

  • Improved Channel URL validation

  • Improvement of "/clock" endpoint on nginx configuration

  • Organization Tree page re-factored

  • User Settings re-factored

  • User privileges re-factored, now they are more granular  


  • Opening hours sometimes appear empty on WebUI.

  • Unsubscribe BUS all sessions when websocket is closed. (cause a memory leak)

  • When deleting a user it is enough to click once on the bin icon. There is no confirmation (it is still possible to revert the change). This may lead to undesired deletions. 

  • When assigning a user a permission to only create and handle QR Codes, the confirmation symbol that should be used to confirm the actions in the device tab is not visible. Hence the function doesn't work properly. 

  • When setting user's privileges if the ADMIN permission is flagged all other privileges are flagged automatically. On the Portal this indication is not clear and the user can still flag the roles individually

  • The Audio Files Scheduler selection box takes awhile to render if the schedule it represents contains an high number of triggers 

Known Limitations

  • It is not possible to remove an ORG from the Portal 



Recipient / Environment

Software Package / Version


Made available in production portal.

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