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RetailPlayer Portal V3.2.1

Release Notes

This document describes the Change Log of the V3.2.1 of the RetailPlayer Portal

Release Date


Change Log

New Features

  • Possibility to "PLAY ONLY TRACKS" activated from the channel list area. This new function allows the possibility to switch all the players set on the corresponding channel list to play only the failover tracks downloaded. Streams are disabled until the flag on "PLAY ONLY TRACKS" is removed. 
  • Implementation of REST API for remote controls of devices 

Changes / Improvements

  • Validation of a valid URL (path at least must be "/" - )
  • Refactoring of Channel List table and form
  • Refactoring of Channel table and form
  • Possibility to select multiple tracks when uploading failover tracks
  • Failover tracks reporting improved
  • Organization selector widget in channel list and channel form improved
  • Increased Failover Track limit from 100 to 200 tracks


  • Asset table error when deleting the last item of a page greatest than 1
  • When removing failover tracks, those are also removed from the player instantly 

Known Limitations

  • When deleting a device or a user it is enough to click once on the bin icon. There is no confirmation (it is still possible to revert the change). This may lead to undesired deletions. 
  • When assigning a user a permission to only create and handle QR Codes, the confirmation symbol that should be used to confirm the actions in the device tab is not visible. Hence the function doesn't work properly. 
  • When setting user's privileges if the ADMIN permission is flagged all other privileges are flagged automatically. On the Portal this indication is not clear and the user can still flag the roles individually. 
  • The Audio Files Scheduler selection box takes awhile to render if the schedule it represents contains an high number of triggers 


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Made available in production portal.
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