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RetailPlayer Firmware V6.8.1



Recipient / Environment

Software Version - Download link

Made available in production portal.


Change Log

New Features

  • Metadata handling: the player now reports the currently playing title and artist to the Portal

  • Proof of Play: the portal collects the metadata reported by the player to offer a Proof of Play of what the player played and when.

  • Cross-Fade: configurable transition used to play locally stored tracks (from store and play or from fail-over tracks), configuration applied from the portal.

  • RTP Forwarding: codec selection exposed in the local web UI

  • Added possibility to reset to defaults the device from the Portal


  • Optimized the API message flow between player and portal, mainly related to the status report performed by the device

  • Disabled IPv6 support

  • Store and Play:

    • Handling of special characters improved

    • Added support for all UTF-8 characters (several language set are now supported including: Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and others).

    • When file is not found do not block download of the rest of the playlist. Instead report all not-available files in the Store and Play status tab.

    • Removed ‘Next-check’ information in Store and Play status

    • Improved Store and Play reporting in the store and play status

    • Improved reporting of full memory to the portal


  • FIXED: When Assigning a channel list that contains only 1 store and play channel the channel won't play automatically on the device

  • FIXED: Asset volume change not applied to assets scheduled in a bundle

  • FIXED: Number of store and play tracks reported in the store and play status on portal is wrong

  • FIXED: Device doesn’t remove store and play tracks after a reset to defaults, only on channel list change

  • FIXED: application crashes when memory is full

Known Limitations / Issues

  • Ethernet interface must be kept in DHCP mode to allow Wireless LAN operation

  • WLAN interface is not identified by Discovery Tool

  • Connection to S&P servers cannot be done over SFTP or FTPS

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