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RetailPlayer Firmware V6.6.2



Recipient / Environment

Software Version - Download link


Made available in production portal.


Change Log

New Features



  • FIXED: Buffer management was inactive, this caused the buffer to fill slower than usual with chances to "break" the stream if this dies while the refill process is ongoing

  • FIXED: Player not switching back to Main URL even if the stream is available and network suffers no issues

  • FIXED: BG source may run-out without fade-out 

Known Limitations / Issues

  • Ethernet interface must be kept in DHCP mode to allow Wireless LAN operation

  • WLAN interface is not identified by Discovery Tool

  • Connection to S&P servers cannot be done over SFTP or FTPS

  • Audio stops playing while playback switches from Main stream to Fallback stream due to main stream failure

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