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RetailPlayer Firmware V6.6.0



Recipient / Environment

Software Package / Version - Download link


Made available in production portal.


Change Log

New Features

  • Store & Play: 

    • Receive S&P configuration from the Portal 

    • Download all tracks of all Store & Play instances assigned to the channel list 

    • Playout the S&P channel as soon as the first track downloaded is available

    • Parser of M3U files to playback the tracks following the predefined sequence as per m3u

    • Report S&P connection and download status to the Portal

    • Configurable update interval for verifying modification in the playlist

    • Support connection over ftp and http(s)

  • RTP Forwarding:

    • RTP forwarding (BETA): forward the playing audio to an RTP stream with 16bit PCM, stereo, 44.1kHz


  • Fallback Tracks:

    • playback of fallback tracks is not interrupted during download of tracks, unless a file is modified while playing

    • start playing fallback tracks as soon as at least one track is available

    • automatically reload fallback tracks as they are downloaded, without interrupting playback

  • Operation & Maintenance: 

    • Device will also update automatically if instructed to during the initial 10 minutes of operation

    • Improved clarity of help messages and UI guidance

    • enable compression of internal logs

    • improved relevance and retention of logs

    • When the portal URL is changed from the web interface, clear the device settings (soft-reset)

    • remove avahi related information from web interface (service not required on RetailPlayer)

    • include asset related information in diagnostics 

  • Other: 

    • do not download assets from the portal if portal connection is down

    • added information about third party software and open-source licenses

    • timeout is more permissive while opening http streams

    • wait longer to retry opening a stream if the format is unknown/unsupported

    • URL scheme is now case-insensitive

    • Assets part of Cue Sets will play regardless of enable/disable state of asset.

    • stability and performance improvements


  • FIXED: RTP Forwarding causes glitches in the main playout  

Known Limitations / Issues

  • Ethernet interface must be kept in DHCP mode to allow Wireless LAN operation

  • WLAN interface is not identified by Discovery Tool

  • Connection to S&P servers cannot be done over SFTP or FTPS

  • S&P playlists cannot be served over HTTPS but only over HTTP

  • When PLAY FROM USB is enabled but there is no USB pen drive inserted in the player scheduled assets and cues are not playing

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