Release Notes

This document describes the Change Log of the V6.5.0 of the RetailPlayer Firmware 

Release Date


Change Log

New Features

  • Advanced Scheduling: 

    • advanced triggers with multiple types of repetitions: single, weekly, monthly

    • advanced triggers allow setting the number of times that a trigger will execute, and the execution interval

    • advanced triggers may be restricted to execute only within a start and end date

    • asset rotation bundles: group multiple assets and define round-robin order of playback, for each time an asset is played

    • advanced triggers may control the playback main volume

  • Asset Management:

    • ability to disable individual assets. these assets will not play

    • asset custom gain: each asset may be played with individual custom gain

    • queue assets for sequential playback if triggered while an asset is playing

    • active asset and queue may be flushed/stopped from the portal

  • Security & Other:

    • refuse installation of ancient firmware updates

    • refuse installation of incompatible firmware updates

    • HTTP/HTTPS streams with basic authentication

    • smart timeout: optimize usage of the available buffer to increase resilience to drops in network connectivity

    • the main volume of the device is now set with a soft ramp

    • fade in and out in opening hours (activation schedule)

  • RTP Forwarding:

    • RTP forwarding (BETA): forward the playing audio to an RTP stream with 16bit PCM, stereo, 44.1kHz


  • Fallback Tracks:

    • playback of fallback tracks is not interrupted during download of tracks, unless a file is modified while playing

    • start playing fallback tracks as soon as at least one track is available

    • automatically reload fallback tracks as they are downloaded, without interrupting playback

  • Operation & Maintenance: 

    • Device will also update automatically if instructed to during the initial 10 minutes of operation

    • Improved clarity of help messages and UI guidance

    • enable compression of internal logs

    • improved relevance and retention of logs

    • When the portal URL is changed from the web interface, clear the device settings (soft-reset)

    • remove avahi related information from web interface (service not required on RetailPlayer)

    • include asset related information in diagnostics 

  • Removed Stand-Alone Mode operation

  • Other: 

    • do not download assets from the portal if portal connection is down

    • added information about third party software and open-source licenses

    • timeout is more permissive while opening http streams

    • wait longer to retry opening a stream if the format is unknown/unsupported

    • URL scheme is now case-insensitive

    • Assets part of Cue Sets will play regardless of enable/disable state of asset.

    • stability and performance improvements


  • sometimes the device would try play fallback tracks after they were deleted

  • improved buffering of RTP based streans

  • in some rare circumstances the player could freeze and require a reboot to recover, during the playback of fallback tracks

  • LEDs had un-consistent behavior in M400 model

  • player crashed when opening broken mpeg streams whose initial audio packet had a different format from the rest of the stream

  • in some rare circumstances the device could freeze, if the connection to a stream was lost while the buffer was completely full

  • streams with zero-length packets could cause a freeze of the playback

  • memory leak whenever a timeout occurred while opening a stream

  • memory leak whenever the websocket connection failed to establish

  • potential crash if a URL ending with ".m3u" contained an actual stream

  • sometimes, newly registered devices would keep the local UI active after connecting to the portal, even if the portal setting was "disabled"

Known Limitations / Issues

  • Ethernet interface must be kept in DHCP mode to allow Wireless LAN operation

  • WLAN interface is not identified by Discovery Tool



Recipient / Environment

Software Package / Version - Download link


Made available in production portal.