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RetailPlayer Firmware V5.4.0

Release Notes

Release Date


Change Log

New Features

  • Streaming channel scheduling enables the possibility to plan the playback of streaming channels configured in Channel lists on a weekly basis. 



  • Fallback tracks updates correctly while another fallback track is currently playing. 

Known Limitations

  • Ethernet interface must be kept in DHCP mode to allow Wireless LAN operation
  • WLAN interface is not identified by Discovery Tool
  • .wav audio files are not supported
  • Local Web UI is not protected by default with the password printed on the backside of the RetailPlayer device.  the device asks for no password when shipped. 
  • Local Web UI is currently accessible only with HTTP protocol (no HTTPs support)
  • Update of the Firmware cannot be done using WiFi only connection, wired connection must be used
  • The player opens multiple HTTP connections when connecting with an http stream, this causes waste of network resources and might result in the RetailPlayer device being banned from some strict streaming service providers 


DateRecipient / EnvironmentSoftware Package / Version


Made available in production portal.update-core-image-barix-audioplex-5.4.0.tar
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