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RetailPlayer Firmware V5.3.0

Release Notes for firmware version 5.3

Release Date
May 18th 2020

Change Log

New Features

  • WiFi support with USB dongle added: Plugging a WiFi USB dongle with s Realtek RTL8188EU chipset into the RetailPlayer device can use a WiFi connection to the network. Visit this link for a list of compatible WiFi dongle manufacturers and models. 
  • Failover playlist over USB memory added: Support of USB sticks to load failover tracks in stand-alone mode
  • HTTPS audio streams support


  • Automatic handling of failover tracks without webui configuration


  • Player could stop monitoring the configured audio streams under extreme network conditions.

Known Limitations

  • Ethernet interface must be kept in DHCP mode to allow Wireless LAN operation
  • Wireless LAN only supports configuration via DHCP


DateRecipient / EnvironmentSoftware Package / Version


Made available in production portal.update-core-image-barix-audioplex-5.3.0.tar
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