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RetailPlayer Firmware V5.2.2

Release Notes

Release Date
17 Feb, 2020
Number of Issues

6 issues

Change Log

New Features



Jira Issues included in this version


  • RATTAILRAD-621 ACCEPTED Some logs of websocket failures are printed as "debug"
  • RATTAILRAD-594 ACCEPTED SonicIP: spam in the log during startup if wlan0 doesn't exist
  • RATTAILRAD-593 ACCEPTED Failover tracks are not downloaded if only the URL changes
  • RATTAILRAD-560 ACCEPTED Switching to Fallback URL does not work properly



DateRecipient / EnvironmentSoftware Package / Version


Production archive published into google drive



Made available in production and QA management portals.update-core-image-barix-audioplex-5.2.2.tar
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