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RetailPlayer Firmware V5.2.1

Release Notes

Release Date
20 Dec, 2019
Number of Issues

16 issues

Change Log

New Features

  • "Get All Logs" now downloads all logs from the device


  • Greatly improved the handling of bursty streams, reducing the likelyhood of the player flashing back due to lengthy pauses between network packets
  • Improved buffer handling: increased length of the PCM buffer


  • Audible artifacts when RTP streams stopped
  • Player would flashback when all sources were set to invalid
  • Local firmware update settings were not respected
  • Failover playlists were not deleted when the player was reset to factory defaults

Jira Issues included in this version


  • RATTAILRAD-514 ACCEPTED Audible artifacts when RTP streams stop
  • RATTAILRAD-500 ACCEPTED Sharp clicks are heard when switching sources
  • RATTAILRAD-485 ACCEPTED Player flashes back when setting all sources to invalid
  • RATTAILRAD-458 ACCEPTED Playback jumps when unplugging the network cable
  • RATTAILRAD-409 ACCEPTED Firmware Update does not work reliable
  • RATTAILRAD-396 ACCEPTED RetailPlayer doesn't follow local update settings
  • RATTAILRAD-333 ACCEPTED Failover Playlists deleted when Device set to factory defaults


  • RATTAILRAD-510 READYFORACCEPTANCE Investigate failure of remaining players at old versions
  • RATTAILRAD-504 IN PROGRESS RetailPlayer Firmware 5.2.1 image built/delivered
  • RATTAILRAD-470 ACCEPTED Update meta-qiba to latest production-ready version
  • RATTAILRAD-465 ACCEPTED WebUI: Logs->"Get all Messages" returns an archive with all files in /var/log
  • RATTAILRAD-463 ACCEPTED Barix House Player investigated
  • RATTAILRAD-457 ACCEPTED Audio gets garbled when saving settings in webinterface
  • RATTAILRAD-453 ACCEPTED Toilet Player working solid after automatic update


DateRecipient / EnvironmentSoftware Package / Version


Made available in production and QA management portals.

Published in google drive:


Production archive published into google drive:

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