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RetailPlayer Firmware V5.2.0

Release Notes

Release Date
31 Okt, 2019
Number of Issues

21 issues

Change Log


  • RATTAILRAD-433 ACCEPTED Mono streams play mostly noise
  • RATTAILRAD-423 ACCEPTED Clock compensation doesn't react to accute bursts of samples
  • RATTAILRAD-418 ACCEPTED Failover playlist is played briefly before the streams kick in
  • RATTAILRAD-415 ACCEPTED AAC stream plays at wrong sample rate after returning from fallback playlist


  • RATTAILRAD-454 ACCEPTED Default State for privilege of Scheduling Panelrole set to be "off"
  • RATTAILRAD-445 ACCEPTED Report local clock to portal
  • RATTAILRAD-434 ACCEPTED As a user I want to set the scheduling to "Always ON" on the portal
  • RATTAILRAD-432 ACCEPTED Remove obsolete code
  • RATTAILRAD-429 ACCEPTED Configuration of Timezone implemented in RetailPlayer Firmware
  • RATTAILRAD-428 ACCEPTED RetailPlayer Firmware Scheduling extended to support Time Zones
  • RATTAILRAD-417 ACCEPTED Software Update check performed after startup
  • RATTAILRAD-392 ACCEPTED Add clock drift compensation before alsa output
  • RATTAILRAD-391 ACCEPTED Playback live stream without any buffering at the input side
  • RATTAILRAD-385 ACCEPTED Schedule stored in RetailPlayer
  • RATTAILRAD-384 ACCEPTED RetailPlayer internal clock set by portal
  • RATTAILRAD-383 ACCEPTED RetailPlayer Internal clock running
  • RATTAILRAD-382 ACCEPTED json Websocket Protocol extended with Scheduling data
  • RATTAILRAD-381 ACCEPTED json Websocket Prototcol extended to contain actual UTC Time
  • RATTAILRAD-380 ACCEPTED User Privileges Extended with Scheduling Panel Role
  • RATTAILRAD-379 ACCEPTED Schedule Settings implemented in Panel Role
  • RATTAILRAD-378 ACCEPTED Scheduling Panel Role created in Device Settings


DateRecipient / EnvironmentSoftware Package / Version


Deployed on RetailPlayer Portal for Download.

Made available for webupdate on Google Drive.


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