Release Notes

This document describes the Change Log of the V6.0.2 of the RetailPlayer Firmware 

Release Date


Change Log


  • Failover tracks download method improved 
  • Un-necessary assets removed from the RetailPlayer


  • Fixed: Volume consistency with FW V5.X 
  • Fixed: RetailPlayer doesn't report initial condition of Main URL and Fallback URL, which show as n/a 

Known Limitations

  • Ethernet interface must be kept in DHCP mode to allow Wireless LAN operation
  • WLAN interface is not identified by Discovery Tool
  • Priority URL supports only HTTP protocol 
  • .wav audio files are not supported
  • RetailPlayer device doesn't wipe the triggers of the schedule when this is unassigned from a device in the Portal, the result is that the schedule will continue to operate as long as the device stays on the same ORG.
  • Local Web UI is not protected by default with the password printed on the backside of the RetailPlayer device.  the device asks for no password when shipped. 
  • Local Web UI is currently accessible only with HTTP protocol (no HTTPs support)
  • The RetailPlayer device plays all audio clips and scheduled streaming channels when there is a backward time change (i.e. when the time zone is changed by mistake to a western zone or when there is an automatic change of the time due to winter time change) 


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Made available in production portal.update-core-image-barix-audioplex-6.0.2.tar