Release Notes

This document describes the Change Log of the V3.0.2 of the RetailPlayer Portal

Change Log

Changes / Improvements


  • Fixed: WebConfig Flag function restored correctly
  • Fixed: Too many files opened issue causing the Portal "Failed to Login" issue

Known Limitations

  • When deleting a channel, channel list, device, user it is enough to click once on the bin icon. This may lead to undesired deletions. 
  • When changing channel lists or assigning the device to a new ORG the settings are applied without the user to click on SAVE (confimation symbol in the right corner of the Portal)
  • When changing channel lists or assigning the device to a new ORG the channel schedule is not persistent. The previous channel schedule is kept on the device until the user doesn't click on the SAVE button (confimation symbol in the right corner of the Portal) after the new channel lists or new ORG are set.
  • When removing a Failover Track from a channel list, the track is not removed in the RetailPlayer device immediately after clicking save in the channel list tab, instead it is necessary to go into the device tab and perform an action from there, either mute / unmute, change a channel or simply click on the confirmation symbol, for the change to take effect and remove the track
  • When assigning a user a permission to only create and handle QR Codes, the confirmation symbol that should be used to confirm the actions in the device tab is not visible. Hence the function doesn't work properly. 
  • When trying to upload Failover Tracks in the channel list area on an unstable or slow network the Portal might report a meaningless error message for the user when saving the new channel list. This is because the upload might not be finished yet. An easy indication on the upload status would be sufficient to inform the user on the status of the upload.
  • When setting user's privileges if the ADMIN permission is flagged all other privileges are flagged automatically. On the Portal this indication is not clear and the user can still flag the roles individually. 
  • Failover Tracks can be uploaded in the Portal only one at a time
  • When deleting a channel from the Portal, if this was part of one or more channel lists, this is not automatically deleted from that channel lists


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