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Which features are supported by the PC software, ICgraph?

ICgraph is a Java based PC software to communicate (VoIP) to Barix Audio products and also it allows remote control and remote monitoring of Barix products. It is extremely flexible! The whole design of the ICgraph-GUI can be configured. Here is a list of supported features :

- Free configurable and unlimited user interface (background picture and buttons)
- unlimited points / targets (only desktop space defines the limits)
- Full-duplex communication to Annuncicom/Exstreamer1000 (by using ABCL firmware)
- Half-duplex communication with Annuncicom standard firmware
- Unidirectional announcements to Exstreamer / Annuncicom / IPAM
- Multi-Master functionality, multiple masters can exchange status information
- Logging function (to LOG window and LOG file)
- Audio recording for incoming and outgoing communication
- Send audio message to one, to some selected, to predefined groups or to all
- Switching relay on the remote Annuncicom or Barionet, e.g. to open the door
- can execute local commands/start applications on local PC, e.g. open browser
- Selective Ring sound notification for incoming requests with visual notification
- Visible notification for incoming audio streams and for selected (active) communication
- can send any UDP commands (also periodically) to other BARIX devices (e.g. Barionet)
- can display status messages / reports from Barix devices (give state information)

For audio communication ICgraph can use RAW UDP or RTP protocol, even the Barix BARP protocol is supported (for special paging mode). ICgraph can communicate over UDP based protocols only.

ICgraph is developed with SunĀ“s Java development kit 6.0 and is compatible to Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6.0 and probably earlier versions, this must run on the ICgraph PC. The JRE is for free available for many operating systems, means ICgraph will run many different platforms.

ICgraph is for free when using it together with BARIX products. The complete ICgraph software package (inclusive manual and examples) is avialable on the BARIX homepage for download.

For MP3 and recording functionality some special libaries have to be installed on the Icgraph system, please check ICgraph manual ! PCM and G.711 audio communication works without this libraries.

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