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What you need to know about the Configuration Update

The current configuration is stored in a non-volatile memory (EEPROM). The memory layout depends on the specific Firmware. If you updated the device with a new Firmware make sure to apply the “factory defaults configuration”. If you update the device with a different type of a firmware (e.g. load ABCL over the Exstreamer) make sure that you do the serial update. The current configuration can be changed via the web user interface. When hit the “Apply” button the new values are stored into the EEPROM.

Factory defaults using Serial Rescue

The EEPROM is overwritten during a Serial Rescue by the factory defaults configuration using the binary file config.bin which is located in the folder “update_rescue” of the delivered Firmware Update Kit. This file can be edited with a hex editor. Consult the “configuration memory usage” table carefully before you make any changes.

Factory defaults using Web Update

The current configuration can also be changed using the CGI API embedded in every Barix device. This can be helpful when controlling Barix devices via automated scripts. The setup.cgi interface allows to set new configuration values over HTTP for every parameter available on the WEB user interface of the device.

There are two methods of sending the configuration over HTTP: GET and POST. The method used depends on the type of the firmware. The GET method is more common, however newer versions of certain firmware use the POST method (e.g. Streaming Client version >=2.02). Check your firmware's technical manual for more details.

Sending the configuration from a PC is easy but the detailed usage may depend on the tool and version used on the PC server side. An example using GNU Wget ver.1.11.4 with the POST method follows:

On a device (IP running the Streaming Client Firmware we want to set the SNMP server IP address to

wget "--post-data=B686=192&B687=168&B688=2&B689=111&" (not working)

The variable's name (e.g. B686) can be found looking in html source of the device WEB UI or in Technical Documentation of the specific Firmware.

Example of the GET method: On a device (IP running the ABCL Firmware we want to disable the Sonic IP

wget ""

Also "Telnet" or "nc" command line can be used on standard HTTP port 80:

echo -e "GET /setup.cgi?B601=2&B602=1 HTTP/1.1\r\n" | telnet 80

echo -e "GET /setup.cgi?B601=2&B602=1 HTTP/1.1\r\n" | nc -w 6 80

Default Configuration Customization

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