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What is the Annuncicom 200?

Communicates over a standard Ethernet network connection (10/100 Mbit/s) using standard protocols such as UDP, TCP, SIP and RTP. Supports VoIP and MP3 audio codecs. Powered locally or by PoE (Power over Ethernet standard IEEE 802.3af-2003).

NOTE: Cisco pre-standard PoE implementation is not supported by Barix devices. Some Cisco's equipments were designed before the IEEE standard. Those equipment are capable of delivering only up to 10 W per port (while the standard support 15.4W). The amount of power to be delivered is negotiated between the endpoint and the switch based on a Cisco proprietary protocol. Read also

A SIP compatible firmware is available to integrate the devices with standard VoIP phone systems for functions such as door intercom, paging gateway, and background music source.

Various software applications exist for the Annuncicom 200 such as stored message player, audio stacker, mp3 recording to local memory and FTP servers. New applications can be developed in BCL (free development tools).

Two contact closure inputs and a relay output provide the necessary I/O for typical applications. Aiphone IE and IF series door and substations can be attached to the built-in SUB interface (see for more information).

Recorded messages and sounds can be played from internal flash or an attached USB stick. The Annuncicom 200 can be powered by a PoE switch eliminating the need for a local power source.

More information available in our website:

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