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What if the device is still unreachable after a serial rescue ?

You can still use the "ARP" method to address the device, but for that you need a LOCAL connection.

After doing factory defaults, you can ALWAYS use the ARP method or serial method to set up an ip address to the unit and enter the configuration and re-enable it.

To use the arp-command to set an IP address to the Exstreamer manually, please do the following:

    • connect power, loudspeaker and the cable to the device
    • open a cmd console at your PC, using Windows do the following: "Start Button" --> "Execute" --> "cmd"
    • type in "arp -s <ip address> <MAC address> (e.g. arp -s 00-08-e1-00-6c-e7)
    • type in "telnet <ip address> 1 (e.g. telnet 1)

A connection will be initialised. After a short period (app. 2 seconds) you'll get an error message, that´s ok !! (If it needs longer than 5 seconds there is a problem, in this case check the unit is properly connected and that the MAC address is correct) Now the device has learned the ip address and you should be able to configure the device through your browser.

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