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What are the limitations and compatibility of the extension port?

Most Barix devices feature an extension port for attaching USB 1.1 compatible mass storage devices (hard disks or FLASH disks). This page describes compatibility and limitations of the extension port.


The extension port supports:

  • USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 (in USB 1.1 compatibility mode) devices
  • only Mass Storage class devices
  • HUBs are not supported (certain flash disks contain an embedded hub), the storage device needs to be connected directly
  • "super floppy" formatted disks (without partition table) or the first primary FAT partition
  • partition must be formatted as FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32

Most of the existing flash disks are supported. However, if you want to make sure that your flash disk is supported buy one from the below list.

NOTE: other Barix devices (e.g. the Exstreamer 105 / 120 / 205) have an Micro-SD slot supporting SDHC cards (i.e. up to 32GB).

Filesystem version

FAT 32 is supported since version 2.0 of the Filesystem.

To read the filesystem version on your device enter the IP address of your device into WEB browser followed by "/status" (e.g. "") and search for "Fs version" on the Status page.

100% compatible flash disks

The below devices have been tested and proven to work:

NameCapacityUSB versionVendor IDModel IDManufacturer NameProduct Name
A-Data "Show me disk" 1GB1GB2.00x04570x0151- not specified -USB Mass Storage Device
Barix 64MB Flash Disk64MB2.00x090c0x1000SMI CorporationUSB DISK
Barix 256MB Flash Disk256MB2.00x15160x8628FlashDrive AL_USB20
0x02040x6025CBMFlash Disk
Creative NOMAD MuVo player64MB1.10x041e0x4106- not specified -- not specified -
EMTEC Flash Drive 2GB2GB2.00x13fe0x3100- not specified -USB DISK 2.0
Experient 32MB32MB1.10x02040x6025CBMFlash Disk
Information Tools pen64MB1.10x058f0x9380GenericMass Storage Device
Kingston DataTraveller 1GB1GB2.0

Kingston DataTraveller 256MB256MB2.0

niKKin Flash drive 1GB1GB2.00x15160x8628memoryUSB2.0
LEXAR JumpDrive 256MB256MB1.10x05dc0x0080LEXAR MEDIAJUMPDRIVE
OCZ Rally 2 4GB4GB2.0

PIXIKA 512MB512MB2.00x17ef0x3815PIXIKA
Pretec I-Disk Tiny 2.0 256MB256MB2.00x04020x5651- not specified -C-1 USB Storage Device
PQI 1GB USB2.0 flash disk1GB2.0

PQI Cool Drive U310 4GB4GB2.00x35380x0059PQIPQI USB Flash Drive
PQI Cool Drive U310 8GB8GB2.00x35380x0054PQIPQI USB Flash Drive
SanDisk Cruzer Micro 256256MB2.0

SanDisk Cruzer Micro 512512MB2.0

SanDisk Cruzer Mini 512512MB2.0

SanDisk Cruzer Crossfire1GB2.00x07810x5204SanDisk CorporationCruzer Crossfire
Sony Micro Vault 4GB4GB2.00x054c0x0243SonyStorage Media
Sony Micro Vault 2GB2GB2.00x054c0x0243SonyStorage Media
STEC 256MB256MB2.00x136b0x0918STECSTEC USB 256MB
Transcend Jet Flash 256256MB2.00x058f0x6387GenericMass Storage Device
Unknown 512MB512MB2.00x02040x6025CBMFlash Disk
Web Checkout 128MB128MB

The VendorIDModelID uniquely identify the device. They can be obtained e.g. on Linux using the lsusb tool. You can find the database of Vendors on the internet, e.g. Linux USB Project.

The ManufacturerName and ProductName are the information obtained from the respective USB descriptors of the device and may differ to the name on the box (e.g. OEM FLASH disks).

Incompatible devices

The following devices are not compatible with Barix devices:

  • PNY Ataché 1GB
  • LG 512MB USB drive

How to buy a USB stick compatible with Barix devices

  • buy devices listed in the compatibility table
  • if the device is listed but another size is available it will most likely work
  • if the device is not listed prefer the vendors from the list

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