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Using Annuncicom for MOH on Mitel3300 SIP server

The Annuncicom can be integrated into SIP systems by using the Barix SIP Client firmware, which you can download from the Barix Download page :

To get the Annuncicom integrated into the SIP system it needs an SIP account to register on the SIP server.
When creating this SIP account on the Mitel server, then please enable for the Annuncicom :

"Force sending SDP in initial Invite message"


"Allow Using UPDATE For Early Media Renegotiation"

to assign it as MOH source.  
The Annuncicom device should be set as a "Sip Phone" profile, and set to auto-answer incoming calls. 
The Mitel establishes a connection by calling the device, and then begins receiving the audio present at the Annuncicom’s line in.

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