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Update a RetailPlayer running a FW older than 5.0 to a newer FW (5.x or 6.x)

Update a RetailPlayer running a FW older than 5.0 to a newer FW (5.x or 6.x)

When you have a RetailPlayer device running a firmware version older than 5.0 there is a special update process to follow in order to update to a firmware image newer than 5.0

The process is described in this document where all the links are provided. This information is valid for any RetailPlayer device running any firmware < 5.0 (Versions: 1.0, 2.4, 4.2, 4.4, 4.9)

The process can be broken into the following steps:

  1. Update the image of your old RetailPlayer to version 5.0 - Download here (you must be registered on our website to download the firmware)
    To do this locate the UPDATE tab in the web interface of your RetailPlayer or type in the URL of your web browser: http://<IP_Address>/sys/uifloader.html (where IP Address must be replaced with the one of your RetailPlayer)
  2. Wait for the Update process to complete, the device reboots after the update
  3. Repeat the steps to update the device to the desired and newer FW image (one that is newer than 5.0)


    Barix always suggests to run the latest firmware released, it can be found in the Download area on our website at

  4. After the update reset the device to factory defaults so that the configuration are restored according to the latest requirements included in the newest version.
    To reset to defaults simply press the front panel button for approx. 12s while the device is powered - The device will reboot (LED turns red and then green again)

  5. Double check that the connection with the Portal is ok by registering the device

Further consideration about the Firmware update for RetailPlayer:

  • The Update from the Portal has been introduced on FW V5.2, any older FW, even if it connects with the Portal it is not able to fetch any FW when configured from the Portal
  • The update from images older than V5.2 must be done using the web interface of the RetailPlayer
  • Any FW newer than V5.2 is able to update when the firmware is selected from the Portal settings - in such case when the firmware is selected on the Portal the image is downloaded on the device and stored in a temporary folder, the device will update at 4am the next morning (local time) OR if the device reboots.

If the player doesn't behave as described above despite following all the steps described, please contact 

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