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Is an Annuncicom 100 with standard firmware able to send/receive audio using RTP protocol ?

No, not with the standard firmware, but by using the Barix Instreamer Standard firmware or with the following ABCL firmwares it can send and/or receive RTP streams :

  • Annuncicom Fullduplex application contained in the ABCL firmware kit      (send & receive)
  • ABCL IP-Intercom firmware   (send & receive)
  • ABCL STL firmware        (send & receive)
  • ABCL Any to ALL firmware   (send & receive)
  • ABCL SIP Client Firmware       (receive only)
  • Paging firmwares          (receive only)

Even the Exstreamer Streaming Client can be loaded on the legacy Annuncicoms (not MPI400) to receive RTP streams

The Annuncicom60/100/200/1000 are compatible with all the here mentioned firmwares and you can find these firmwares here.

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