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How to use the Exstreamer 1000 as a PCM STL

How to use the Exstreamer 1000 as a PCM STL

The Exstreamer 1000 works great as a linear STL. Here is how to set it up. Per default the Exstreamer1000 comes with the ABCL STL firmware preloaded. In this firmware are two applications contained:

A - the Studio-Transmitter-Link (STL) application (standard STL)
B - Reflector application (not for Reflector EVO!)

In the Websetup under REBOOT you can select which application should run on the Exstreamer.

Both applications can be used for the STL connections.

In the Studio-Transmitter-Link application you have two modes available RTP and BRTP, the difference is: - a RTP stream will be send directly to the receiver/target IP address without request before. - a BRTP stream will be sent only when receiver has sent a request before to the sender.

As first set the location in the device setup. On device should be the encoder (Studio), the other should be the decoder (Transmitter). Sure, both can be also encoder/decoder, in this case your devices will be able to stream bi-directional. Therafter click on the "Apply" button to save and restart the device.

For the RTP Mode define in the setup under "STREAMING" the "Outgoing Stream" with protocol and the remote IP address/port for the stream, e.g. RTP 3030 .

Note, when streaming over internet you mostly have to to define the public IP-address of the target router/firewall. Additional the target router will need a port forwarding. In this case the devices need also a Gateway entry in the "NETWORK" settings. If DNS names are used then please define also a DNS server in the "NETWORK" settings. Ask your network administrator for details if you don´t know.

Now set additionally under "STREAMING" the "Streaming Mode" and the "Keepalive-Period" . For the "Keepalive-Period" set "0 (passive)" on the site which has no IP address in the "Outgoing Stream" or "Incoming Stream" defined. On the other site with defined IP address set any timing value. Note, one site must be "0 (passive") , the other site should have any timing value. If both sites are set to "0 (passive)" or both site have a timing value then the streaming does not work. If both site are set to "disabled" then streaming would work but it would not make so much sense.

As next select under "AUDIO" the desired audio "Format", the "Sample Rate" and the "Input Source" and click "Apply" button to save the values and restart the device.

Now configure the receiving device, check here also the "Location" (should be set to "decoder" or "encoder/decoder"). Then under CONFIGURATION/STREAMING and define for the "Incoming Stream" (e.g. RTP 3030) and also the "Keepalive-Period". All the other values can be set optionally. At the end click also here the "Apply" button to save the new settings and to reboot the device.

Ready, the audio streaming over the Barix devices should work now.

For usage of the BRTP protocol follow the instructions in the device´s online help.

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