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How to upload the BCL application to my Barionet?

There are some differences for the Barionet50 and the Barionet100.

On the Barionet100 you can upload the BCL application only via TFTP.
The command syntax for the TFTP command is:

tftp -i "IP address" put "File Name" WEB4


tftp -i put barionetbcl.cob WEB4

That information is also in the Barionet manual (in chapter 5.4.2) available on :

But even the scripts in the BCL development folder will do that when you append the IP address as a second parameter.

Note, on some PCs you have to activate TFTP before you can use it.
On the Internet you will find how to do that when you google for “activate TFTP”.

On the Barionet50 you can use the “advanced Webupdate”. For that go to web setup, click on “Update”.
Confirm the next page and on the Bootloader update page you click “Advance Update”.
On this Advanced Update page you define for the BCL application the target “WEB4” (case sensitive)
and select you BCL application file (*.cob file) and click “upload”.

Note, in the Bootloader Mode the Barionet50 supports additionally also the TFTP method for the upload as the Barionet100.

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