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How to start BCL Programming on the Barionet50/100 ?

The Barionet50 and Barionet100 are network PLC (Programable Logic Controller), means these devices can programmed
to automate processes or add some functionality to the devices.

The programming language is BCL (Barix Control Language), it is very similar to BASIC.
On the following link you can find the BCL Programers manual :

Even a collection of fully working DEMO applications is available on:

(more examples & help can be requested from 

The all these DEMOs are complete packages with complete development environment and source code.
The easiest start is to use one of these examples and modify the existing source code according to your need.
So search for a DEMO which is close to your required functionality and modify it accordingly.

To modify the source code open the Barionet.bas file with any editor, e.g. with Notepad or Notepad+

Thereafter execute the in the package contained BCL.bat file to generate a new COB file.
Make sure during the execution of the BCL.bat file no errors occur and a new .TOK file was created in the source folder.

There is even a video tutorial available , showing how to start/execute a BCL development:
Barionet 50 introduction + BCL programming - video tutorial

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