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How to scan a QR Code with your phone

This Guide shows you how to scan a QR Code with your Android and iPhone.


1. Open the camera application one your Iphone. There is no need for a special app, the default camera will work.

2. Point the main camera at the QR Code and wait for a brief moment.

3. After a second your iPhone shows a Notification. (If not, click on the QR code on the screen to focus the camera).

4. Click the Notification and the RetailPlayer control will be shown.


If you have an Android 8 and above, you can use your camera just like the iPhone. Please follow it above.

All other phones use this method:

1. Download an app from the "Play Store" to scan QR Codes.

2.  Tap on the Search bar and write "QR Code reader no ads" - click search.

3. A lot of applications will pop up. You can download any app that scans the QR Code.

4. After you have installed the app, a Pop-up will appear asking you if it can use the camera. "Allow" it.

5. Open the app and point your front camera on the QR Code.

6. After the QR Code has been scanned, the RetailPlayer control will be shown.

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