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How to execute an Emergency Update ?

In some cases it could be necessary to recover all the software on the Instreamer Ice device, e.g. when:

  • the device is not accessible anymore
  • when the device has certificate or license problems
  • when internal storage has been replaced

The Emergency Update will load automatically (when triggered) the current firmware image from the internet update server and install that on the newer Barix devices (with integrated IPAM400).
This Emergency Update is quite similar to the serial firmware on the Barix legacy products, only that it happens over network. I will load all the software and reset the device back to default settings.

For the Emergency Update use the following procedure :

  • first power off the Barix device
  • connect the Barix device to an DHCP network (warning) with internet connection (warning)
  • press the hardware reset button and keep it pressed
  • now power on and still keep the reset button pressed
  • approx. 30-35 seconds after power on, when the front LED is blinking very fast, release the reset button
  • now release the hardware reset button

The device will now download the firmware image from the Barix Firmware server in the Internet and install it.

The procedure takes between 3-10 minutes, depending from the Internet download speed.

The procedure is done when you can discover the Barix device again with the Barix Discovery tool or when you can ping the DHCP IP address of the device again. 

DonĀ“t interrupt the Emergency update for it is finished!

If not finished after 15 minutes then please doublecheck the the local DHCP server and the network/internet connection and try again.
If still not working then please contact Barix Support.

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