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How to do a serial firmware update?

When nothing works anymore on your Barix device or the an unknown password is set and the reset button is disabled,
then the only chance to get the device working/accessible again is the serial firmware update.

For that you will need a PC with serial RS232 interface (or USB serial RS232 adapter) and a Nullmodem cable or a serial Cross cable.

Note, the serial firmware update will recover all software part of the Barix device and additionally reset all setting
(even the IP address) back to defaults !

Please execute the following procedure for the serial firmware update

  • first download the desired Barix firmware package and unzip it on the PC

  • Now turn OFF the Barix device and connect the serial Nullmodem- or Cross cable between the PC and the Barix device
  • Open now the file browser and browse to the unzipped firmware package, sub folder "update_rescue"
    There look for the file "serialX.bat" ( X= serial COM port number of the PC, e.g "serial1.bat" for COM1 )
  • start/execute this serialX.bat file by double clicking, a black command prompt window will open and display message "..... waiting for the device....".
  • now turn ON the Barix device, within few seconds you should see some progress on the black command prompt window.
  • let the device now untouched for the next 3 minutes and follow the progress on the command prompt window,
    after approx 2-3 minutes you should see a message that the firmware update was "SUCCESSFULLY" and the device has automatically rebooted.

  • Ready. 
    Connect a speaker to hear the new IP address of the device and access thereafter with your browser to reconfigure it.
    Alternatively you can also use in the local network also the Barix Discovery tool to find out the new IP address of the Barix device. 

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