There are two different firmware types for Barix devices avaiable:

Standard firmwares, like the Instreamer standard firmware, Annuncicom standard firmware, the Exstreamer standard firmware or the Streaming Client firmware.
These firmwares you can modify in the design you can change the files on the web server, change e.g. logos or remove/rename setup features. The sources of the files are contained in the firmware package itself (in sub folder "webuidevkit").But you cannot change the functionality of the firmware itself on these firmwares, please contact Barix directly for such changes.

ABCL firmwares, like ABCL SIP firmware, ABCL STL firmware or ABCL FTP-MP3 firmware, ....

On these firmware packages you can change/add/remove the design and the functionality. The ABCL firmwares contain an interpreter for overlaying applications only and the overlaying applications can be added, modified or removed for you as you want. All ABCL firmware packages have overlaying ABCL applications contained, mostly is the source code included - so that it can be modified from everybody. ABCL means Audio Barix Control Language , that´s a simple BASIC-like programming language which allows to access almost all interfaces of the Barix audio devices. The ABCL applications will be stored in the device´s webserver and can be embedded in the ABCL firmware package.

The Barix Barionet knows only one firmware type, but this contains also an interpreter for BCL applications. BCL and ABCL is the same, but without the Audio functionality in BCL.

More detailed information to "Customization" you can find on : Default Configuration Customization