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How to create a Priority channel/port on the Exstreamer Store&Play ?

The Exstreamer Store&Play has per default no Priority port for any emergency announcements,
but it is possible to install such Priority Port.

In the Player.cfg configuration file are the available playlists listed. This listed playlists have automatically also a different priority,
first listed playlist has highest priority, second listed playlist has second highest priority and so on.

For a Priority Port list first for example the playlist "priority.m3u" and as second playlist your normal playlist (e.g. "BGMaudio.m3u").
The content of the playlist "priority.m3u" could look like :


This would create a RTP Listen port 12345 on your Exstreamer Store&Play and when ever there is an incoming stream on this port
it will automatically switch to this audio and play it for the time the stream is present. If there is no incoming stream then it will
automatically change to the next playlist with an available stream.

The change to another playlist will need 3-5 seconds because of the internal buffer handling.

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